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The great contemporary designer Ellen Lupton once wrote, "Think more. Design less." Lupton's imperative is in many ways a perfect encapsulation of my own design philosophy. I believe that good design is about communication, not decoration. A striking image and beautiful typography are worthless without a good idea and thoughtful execution. Successful design is a matter of elegant problem-solving and compelling story-telling: how can you communicate your message—your story—to the intended audience effectively and efficiently? With my academic background in the study of narrative as well as ten years of professional design experience, I am uniquely qualified to help you identify and tell that story.

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  • poster designed by Aaron ResterMedium: Print
    Date: 2010
    Client: The Lost Cartographers (band)
  • image of website Onthetable.usMedium: Website
    Date: 2009
    Client: Gary Allen (writer)
  • Medium: Print
    Date: 2006
    Client: Robert Emery Chocolates (small business)
    in collaboration with Katie Petrak
    image of brochure for Robert Emery Chocolates
  • image of poster for CIS workshopMedium: Print
    Date: 2005
    Client: University of Chicago (higher education)
    photo of hand-painted sign, Jaipur India, also by Aaron Rester
  • photo of Walk On CD and packagingMedium: CD & Packaging
    Date: 2009
    Client: Lost Cartographers (band)
  • photo of posterMedium: Print
    Date: 2006
    Client: UChicago STAND (student organization)
  • image from Powerpoint presentationMedium: Powerpoint presentation
    Date: 2009
    Client: Self (conference presentation)
  • screenshot of Forward Alliance websiteMedium: Website
    Date: 2008
    Client: Forward Alliance (small business)
  • screenshot of Lost Cartographers websiteMedium: Website
    Date: 2009
    Client: Lost Cartographers (band)
  • photo of wedding inviteMedium: print
    Date: 2007
    Client: Individual
  • ACLU of Illinois Save the Date postcardMedium: print
    Date: 2011
    Client: Nonprofit
  • Niehaus LLP websiteMedium: website
    Date: 2011
    Client: Samll business
  • The Alterationist websiteMedium: website, based on business card design by Katie Phelps
    Date: 2011
    Client: Samll business